tapes Unreleased Anthology pt.1
mixed by Scott Grooves
Available NOW on CD and Audiocassette
Scott Grooves
Modified Suede Recordings
The tapestry of this label is percussion, accented with organic echoes of days gone by.
Congas, Rhodes, Organ, Bass, Strings and Riddums are the building blocks of Modified Suede.
Many of these instruments Scott grew up playing and listening to in Detroit.
Natural MIDI
The fabric of this label is woven by Scott using a more electronic edgier feel. The key for Scott is always to try and find the natural balance between man and machine, even though the sound is more synthesized and rugged the objective is still to a composition of analogue sound with a natural feel and not just a aimless "track" that lacks soul.

Panther Versions
Panther Versions

Not all records need a complete overhaul via the remix, true alot can be gained when a record is reconstucted into something totally new this way but often times the old adage "less is more" works just as good. Much can be gained thru effects and slight variations camouflaged nicely within the groove, but dont get comfortable as a listener, the Panther sound can lunge forth at any moment and capture your ear!


Modified Suede Records Detroit

Ms-003 OUT NOW produced by Scott Grooves

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Scott Grooves - YouTube MixTape

"Absorbing the creative process of another artist sometimes helps me process my own creativity.
I present to you 10 videos, all of which in some way strike a chord with me internally."

Scott Grooves - October 2011





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